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  • Private gig for friends a couple of weeks ago. Walk This World 🌎 #walkthisworld

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  • We are in the mixing stage of my new album! 🙌 can’t wait to bring you some new music 🥰 Stay tuned for more ...

  • Last day in the studio today with @chrisbondmusic. It’s been an amazing journey. We recorded 12 tracks for ...

  • Had the super-talented @midorijaeger in the studio yesterday to work her magic on the tracks 🙏✨✨ #cello


Heather Nova releases her covers album "Other Shores"

After releasing her full-band rock album, 'Pearl', in 2019, Bermudian singer-songwriter, Heather Nova, is now exploring other shores, and releases an album of acoustic cover versions.

'Other Shores', consisting of Heather's versions of some well-known classics, as well as a few tracks you might not have heard before, will be released in autumn 2022.

"I'm first and foremost a songwriter, but along the way I've discovered I also enjoy being an interpreter sometimes: For me, recording a cover is all about stripping away the original production, to find the bare bones of the song. I love the process of getting right inside the emotion of the song, feeling it as my own, and presenting it in a new, more raw and intimate form. I'm fascinated by how songs written by men feel very different when sung by a woman.", Heather  says.

'Other Shores' takes you on a journey that's intimate and deeply personal; Heather brings her unique sensitivity to these songs with new and unexpected versions of something you thought you knew.



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